The O2 Arena has welcomed millions of fans and thousands of acts since it first opened as a concert venue in 2007. 

From the likes of Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and Peter Kay to darts, tennis and even some impressive basketball tricks.

Despite offering endless amazing acts to lucky ticket holders, some visitors of the venue are not always left happy.

Many have taken to the online review site TripAdvisor to share their disapproval of the O2 Arena's drink prices.

Newham Recorder: The price list for the O2 Arena correct of December 2023.The price list for the O2 Arena correct of December 2023. (Image: TripAdvisor)

O2 Arena visitors slam price of food and drink

One recent guest of the London-based venue described the O2 as a "complete rip off" sharing that they paid "£16:20 for a glass of wine" and "£9:25 for a beer".

But the real shock for the pair was paying £4.10 for a bottle of water, ending the review with: "Totally disappointed."

They were not the only pair upset about the price of a drink, as another used the term "rip off", sharing: "It is now 9 pounds for a pint of beer, ordered from a Kiosk and you have to queue up again to get your beer for another 20 minutes."

Another, shared pictures of the drink price list, correct of December 2023, adding the caption: "What you need to know this place is the biggest rip off in London
£9 for a pint and £15 for chips."


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While not everyone is happy with the prices of food and drink at the O2 Arena, many praise the venue, with over 2,000 five-star reviews.

One happy guest said: "Lovely time out plenty of places to go out to eat before an event. Very well organised and safe. Very good for a night out or for an event."

Another added: "Perfect as always. Excellent staff. Great location. Easy to find. Lovely and clean, with plenty of amenities surrounding it. Always a great visit."

The O2 Arena have been contacted for a comment.