Fine and warm weather is set to continue across London today (May 9), with temperatures predicted to be hotter than those in Los Angeles. 

It will feel fairly warm in the sunshine, with bright spells continuing over the next few days, according to the Met Office. 

Temperatures will reach 22 degrees between 4pm - 7pm today, with dry and warm conditions set to continue over the upcoming weekend. 

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for today (Thursday)

5am - 12 degrees (cloudy)

6am - 12 degrees (sunny intervals)

7am - 13 degrees (cloudy)

8am - 13 degrees (sunny intervals)

9am - 14 degrees (sunny intervals)

10am - 16 degrees (sunny)

11am - 17 degrees (sunny)

12pm - 18 degrees (sunny intervals)

1pm - 19 degrees (sunny intervals)

2pm - 20 degrees (sunny intervals)

3pm - 21 degrees (sunny intervals)

4pm - 22 degrees (cloudy)

5pm - 22 degrees (cloudy)

6pm - 22 degrees (cloudy)

7pm - 22 degrees (cloudy)

8pm - 20 degrees (cloudy)

9pm - 19 degrees (cloudy)

10pm - 18 degrees (cloudy)

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow (Friday)

7am - 14 degrees (cloudy)

10am - 18 degrees (cloudy)

1pm - 21 degrees (cloudy)

4pm - 22 degrees (cloudy)

7pm - 20 degrees (sunny intervals)

10pm - 17 degrees (cloudy)

Here is the forecast in full

Thursday: A fine start for many, with light winds and good amounts of sunshine, some variable cloud and sunny spells in the afternoon. Staying dry and warm. Maximum temperature 22 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: A good deal of fine and dry weather, with variable cloud and sunny spells throughout. Some mist and fog patches each morning. Warm away from the coast.

Ellie Glaisyer, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It will generally be a lot more settled this week.

“It will start to feel much more pleasant with temperatures on Tuesday likely to reach the very early twenties in the south, and then later on in the week, we could see temperatures of around 22C to 23C, while the north is likely to reach temperatures in the high teens.”