Are you struggling with dental issues such as discolouration or small gaps between teeth? If yes, have you considered getting a veneer procedure in Turkey?

Dental veneers in Turkey have been used for many years. Constant improvements in smile design have made the techniques and materials we use today better. Each improvement has mainly been to minimise the invasive nature of the surgery while also enhancing the aesthetics and durability of the veneers. Today, Turkey is one of the leading countries in cosmetic dentistry through veneers.

Reasons Why International Patients Get Dental Veneers in Turkey

Many international patients prefer travelling to Turkey for their veneers. Here are a few examples why:


The costs of veneers in Western countries are considerably high, making them unaffordable for many patients. Luckily, cosmetic dentists in Turkey offer their services at a much lower price.

The cost in Turkey depends on various factors, including the choice of material and the number of veneers needed. Regardless of your option, getting veneers done in Turkey will always be budget-friendly compared to other countries.

Top-Quality Services

Dental treatments in Turkey are consistent with the standards you would expect in other leading countries, if not better. The government has played a significant role in elevating the quality of these services through various strategies, including strict regulations on clinics in Turkey. These authorities have ensured that all the dental procedures in the country comply with global benchmarks.

Quicker Turnaround Time

Fast turnaround times for dental procedures and smile makeovers are a big selling point for many cosmetic dentists in Turkey. Unfortunately, many Western countries face challenges in efficiently scheduling the large number of customers.

The ratio of clinics to demand for dental services is often higher in Turkey than in other parts of the world. This makes it easier for patients to secure a place for their next veneer treatment.

Positive Reputation

With quick turnaround time, affordability and high quality services, Turkey has gained a positive reputation in the world of dental tourism.

Positive reputations and feedbacks of patient have contributed significantly to Turkey becoming a widely recognised and popular destination for laminate veneers.

When Should You Consider Getting Dental Veneers?

Here are a few instances when veneers or Turkey teeth would suit your needs:

Blemishes on Teeth

If your teeth have blemishes such as cracks, chips and stains, it might be time to get dental veneers. Cracks and chips can occur from accidents, while discolouration may result from smoking, drinking, or eating staining foods.

Traditional methods may not always give you the desired results. In such cases, your dentist will recommend veneers to restore the appearance of your teeth and ensure a better smile.

Gaps Between Teeth

You may also consider getting veneers for small gaps between your teeth. Regardless of the cause, their presence can cause significant aesthetic concerns, among other issues.

Veneers are perfect for closing small gaps between teeth. They offer a more conservative and customised approach that creates uniform teeth free of blemishes.

However, it is essential to note that veneers are not always the answer when facing such issues with the tooth surface. For instance, if you lost a tooth entirely, it might be better to opt for implants over veneers.

Alignment Concerns

Veneers may also be a choice for addressing alignment concerns. This method is primarily suitable for individuals with crowding, irregular teeth shape and twisted teeth that cause misalignment.

Dentists often recommend traditional orthodontic treatments, such as braces and aligners. But some may consider these methods to be overkill for fixing minor alignment problems. Veneers might be optimal in this case because they require minimum tooth preparations, resulting in quicker results.

Worn Out Teeth

Teeth can erode for various reasons, including grinding and abrasive habits. Wearing out of the natural tooth enamel can result in aesthetic concerns and sensitivity issues. This can therefore significantly impact an individual's quality of life.

In such a case, you may need veneers to restore your teeth, giving you that perfect smile and preventing further wearing. However, consult your dentist to determine the optimal plan to provide you with the best results.

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Types of Veneers Available in Turkey

Porcelain and composite veneers are the two main types of veneers available in Turkish dental clinics. These two vary in several ways, ensuring the services cater to different needs and preferences.

Porcelain veneers

These refer to thin shells made of dental porcelain, customised to fit the front surface of your teeth. They are the most popular option among patients because of the benefits they offer:

  • Natural appearance – Porcelain veneers have an appearance that mimics that of natural teeth, including colour and texture. Many patients find this option great, especially those who only need a few veneers. The shell will blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth.

  • Durability – Porcelain veneers typically last for about 10 years. However, with proper care, you can get up to 15 years before you have to visit the dentist for replacements. They are also stain-resistant, ensuring you maintain that bright smile for a long time.

  • Easy maintenance – Patients also opt for porcelain veneers because they are easier to maintain than their counterparts. With simple processes such as brushing and flossing, you can keep your veneers looking healthy and clean for a long time.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are a perfect alternative for patients with limited budgets. The dentist will match the color of your teeth to ensure that these resin materials are uniform. Since the dentist directly applies them to the tooth, this method requires minimal preparation.

Here are a few benefits of using composite veneers:

  • Versatility – Composite veneers offer a versatile choice for patients because they can address multiple issues within a single procedure. Additionally, they are applied directly to the teeth without much preparation.

  • Affordability – This option is cheaper regarding the veneers prices because the materials are less expensive and it is a single visit procedure. Additionally, the dentist will require less time to prepare the teeth, which means less work and less costs on the patient's end.

  • Reparability – Composite veneers also offer an option to repair or retouch any damages during routine visits to the dentist. That minimises the need for costly replacements that you may need with porcelain veneers if they get damaged.

However, there are other subtypes of veneers that put more emphasis on factors like enamel preservation, customisation and convenience. Consult with a dentist and choose a type that best suits your needs.

Cosmedica Dental - Treatment Plans and Costs

When it comes to getting veneers done in Turkey, a few clinics can rival the quality of services offered by Cosmedica Dental. The clinic employs the latest technology in dental work, including CAD CAM, which enables them to enhance the efficiency in designing and manufacturing dental veneers.

The services you will get from Cosmedica Dental depends primarily on what you need. You may consult with the dentist to ensure you find the best treatment option that suits your needs and budget.

Dental veneers cost in Turkey will vary depending on various factors, including the type and the number of teeth you are having fixed. For example, a full set of veneers will cost you more than getting two or three teeth done. Here is a breakdown of available packages at Cosmedica Dental:

  • 6 veneers – this will cost you £ 2,191.31. You also have the option to add a veneer or two to this package, which will cost you about £ 249.21 each.

  • 12 veneers – this is the most popular package among patients. It costs £ 3351.41 with any extra veneer costing £ 249.21 each.

  • 18 veneers – this costs £ 4468.55 with an option to add extra veneers at £ 249.21 each.

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Additional Treatments Available at Cosmedica Dental Clinic

Besides veneers, patients can visit Cosmedica Dental to get the following treatments done:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent option for patients with missing teeth. It involves installing artificial tooth roots that provide support to dental prosthetics or replacement teeth, such as crowns, dentures and bridges. They look, feel and function like teeth, ensuring patients have a long-term solution to missing teeth.

Cosmedica Dental offers two primary types of implants: endosteal and subperiosteal implants. Endosteal implants are placed directly into the jawbone, while subperiosteal implants are placed on the jawbone but under the gum tissue. The latter is a preferred method for patients with insufficient jawbones that may not be sufficient to support traditional implants.


Invisalign is a procedure used to straighten teeth. They are custom-made aligners that patients wear over their teeth. You do not have to worry about them ruining your smile because they are virtually invisible on your teeth. The benefits of Invisalign include improved aesthetic appeal, comfort, versatility and effectiveness.

Teeth Whitening

Cosmedica Dental also offers teeth whitening treatments for patients with discoloured teeth. The procedure removes stains and blemishes in teeth to enhance your overall smile.

Dentists will use high-concentration gel and then activate it with a laser or special light to hasten and improve the results. Whitening can sometimes result in tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. However, these are temporary and would often subside within a week or two.

Conclusion: Reasons to Visit Cosmedica Dental in Turkey for Treatments

If you need dental veneers in Turkey, then you should consider visiting Cosmedica Dental. Choosing the right clinic for your treatments is crucial to ensuring optimal results and affordability. At Cosmedica Dental, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality services at a pocket-friendly price. Here are a few reasons why you should visit us today:

  • Experienced dentists – our team of dentists are skilled and experienced in their dental disciplines. Their expertise and experience allow them to provide top-quality services that not only suit the needs of clients but their budgets as well.

  • Comprehensive services – at Cosmedica Dental, you can get all your dental services under one roof. Whether you need veneers, implants or whitening, the clinic is a one-stop destination that addresses your concerns satisfactorily.

  • Affordable services – affordability is a huge selling point at Cosmedica Dental. Our clinic maintains clear pricing structures for all the services, ensuring accessibility and cost-effective treatments for both local and foreign patients.