Got plans for the early May bank holiday? Then you might want to check the weather forecast.

Despite being in May, the early bank holiday often has mixed weather for spring as previous years have ended up in washed-away days at the beach over sun-soaked warmth.

Like any long weekend, we all cross our fingers and hope that the extra day off will be warm and sunny.

So you are prepared and don't get caught out, we've gathered the full weather forecast according to the Met Office. 

You can see the full weather forecast via the Met Office.

London early May bank holiday full weather forecast

Looking at the full weekend before focusing on Monday, May 6, you can expect a mixed few days of forecasts.

Saturday, May 4, will start off strong with a sunny start before moving to a cloudy day with a medium chance of precipitation at 50%. 

Temperatures will be around 13C with highs of 16C, plus there will be little wind with highs of 16mph from the south west. 

If you are a hay fever sufferer you might want to be prepared as the pollen level for Saturday will be high. 

Sunday, May 5 will be a cloudy day, with bright clouds all day until later in the evening when the sun will peak through at around 4pm.

While there will be some sun, there's also set to be some rain, with a 50% chance of precipitation and winds at highs of 16mph. 

Temperatures will be warm and normal for this time of year, with lows of 9C in the early morning and highs of 16C.

On the bank holiday Monday (May 6), you can expect three seasons in one day. 

Early in the morning, the day will bring dark clouds and wind gusts of 13mph, but later in the day, you'll get sunny clouds and a low chance of precipitation.

Towards the afternoon the sun will stay but rain will arrive with rain at 7pm at a 40% chance of precipitation. 

While the weather will be fixed, pollen levels won't be too high with a medium level throughout the day. 


London weather to get hotter as days above 30C to increase

Discussing the bank holiday forecast, theDeputy Chief Meteorologist Mark Sidaway of the Met Office shares: "There continues to be uncertainty around the track of a low-pressure system which is expected to cross the southern UK this weekend, meaning there is some uncertainty about some of the forecast details.

"While it will remain unsettled with further showers or longer spells of rain, all areas should see some drier conditions at some point and, in any sunshine, it should feel quite warm.

"But for the exact details for your area stay up to date with forecast over the coming days.”