The owner of 'Britain's best chippy' have revealed the key to success and it might surprise you.

The Fish Lounge in Brixton Hill, south London recently named the nation's joint best fish and chip shop.

Owner Gus Mustafa, who has been frying in the capital for 45 years, welcomed the result as loyal fans say they love the community feel and the consistent quality of the food.

The Fish Lounge was ranked alongside East Coast, a chippie in the coastal Scottish city of Musselburgh.

As Gus shared: "I've been doing fish and chips since around 1980.

"I started with my parents around the end of 1979 at a shop in Clapton and, apart from one-or-two-year gaps here and there, I've been doing it ever since."

Newham Recorder: Gus was born in Lewisham. Gus was born in Lewisham. (Image: SWNS)

Owner of Britain's best chippy in London shares secret to success

Gus' Cypriot father moved to Britain in the 1950s and began working at a family chip shop around a decade later. 

He and his family have since worked in and owned around seven chippies across London, but Fish Lounge is the first he has run with his wife, Ülgen Mustafa. 

Gus, a dad of two, said: "I like the job. It has come from my mum and dad and I have taken it on and made a good living out of it. 

"It's rewarding when people say, 'We really enjoyed that'. It makes me feel happy. We love what we do - we have a passion for it."

Newham Recorder: The couple have got plenty of loyal customers. The couple have got plenty of loyal customers. (Image: SWNS)

Despite having won awards in the past, Gus added that this was 'bigger' as it had come 'from the customers'. 

Sharing the key to success, Gus revealed that one of the secrets to his cook-to-order food is regularly changing the oil in the fryer to keep it fresh. 

Gus said: "There's a big difference in taste. The batter has to be nice and crispy, that's very important. 

"Things have changed for the better from when I started; the machines have got more efficient.

"Fish and chips is traditional, and it's healthier than a lot of processed foods. 

"It's fresh fish, fresh potatoes and nothing frozen or processed. That's the difference."

Newham Recorder: Sisters Deirdre and Mary.Sisters Deirdre and Mary. (Image: SWNS)

Gus, who was born in Lewisham in southeast London, says his fashion student daughter even comes to help her parents on Fridays their busiest night of the week. 

Sisters Deirdre and Mary, who live in nearby Elephant and Castle towards the Thames, admit they hardly ever eat fish and chips anymore as the ones near them have 'gone downhill'. 


This is officially the best Fish and Chips shop in London

Having been looking after someone in the Brixton area recently, though, they have developed a habit of stopping in for a meal at Fish Lounge. 

"We're regulars here now," Deirdre said. "It's much better here than any fish and chip shop in Elephant and Castle. 

"The top ranking is definitely well-deserved. Everything is always fresh."

On the widely-held belief that fish and chips are better by the seaside, Gus said: "Ours is just as good as down by the beach. 

"I have the most lovely regular customers, so thanks to them for their good reviews."