A yellow warning for thunderstorms from The Met Office is still in place across London this morning.

A yellow warning for thunderstorm was issued across the whole of London from 11pm yesterday (Wednesday) until 6am today (May 2) - and it has since been extended until 10am.

The warning end time has been extended as thunderstorms are expected to continue through the morning before gradually clearing westwards.

The Met Office has warned that there is a possibility of disruption tomorrow due to potential flooding.

There could be spells of heavy rain accompanied by lightening with potential for 15 to 25 mm of rain to fall in one or two hours.

There might also be hail and strong winds in a few places.

Spray and abrupt inundation may result in challenging driving circumstances, potentially prompting road closures.

In areas affected by flooding or lightning strikes, delays and cancellations of train and bus services are possible.

Additionally, there's a slight possibility of power outages and disruptions to services for certain residences and businesses.

Moreover, there's a small likelihood of rapid flooding impacting homes and businesses, potentially causing damage from floodwater, lightning strikes, hail, or strong winds.