It's a Great British staple. The humble meal of fish and chips fills the bellies of thousands of Brits every week.

Whether a lover of cod or a jumbo battered sausage, there's no debating that salt and vinegar-covered chips from your traditional local chippy are a must-have.

Across the UK there are millions of fish and chip shops many of which all claim to be the best at what they do.

Whilst we may all have our own opinions on where's best for fish and chips, the UK's top spot has officially been named.

Betway has taken on the task of analysing Google, TripAdvisor and Instagram data to discover which is the most popular, and one London shop took the crown.

London's Fish Lounge named the best in the UK

Set in Brixton Hill, the Fish Lounge was joint first along with the Scottish fish and chip shop East Coast in Musselburgh.

Newham Recorder: Do you have a favourite fish and chip shop?Do you have a favourite fish and chip shop? (Image: Getty)

With a Tripadvisor rating of 4.5/5, the Fish Lounge is often praised for its tasty food, customer service and "everyday excellence".

As one fan described the meal in detail, sharing: "But the food, the food. Probably the best, driest, crispest and most golden batter ever to encase a huge piece of cod or haddock – even on the regular size, and a mountain of thick-cut, crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside chips that positively rustle onto the dish."


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Others have praised the customer service, reviewing that staff are friendly and welcoming: "We had the regular fish (cod) and chips...very generous portion and super delicious! The owner and the staff are super friendly and the shop is very clean!"

Many customers seem to agree with Betways ranking and often described Fish Lounge as the best in London: "We had a large cod with fries and both were absolutely fantastic!

"The service is great and very kind! This place is highly recommendable, probably the best fish and chips I had so far in London."