Who doesn't love a food market? A place where you can try anything and everything from all corners of the world.

Whether you fancy a classic Italian pizza, a classic hamburger, some Greek gyros, Sushi, sweet and sugary Mexican Churrios or are after a British staple sausage roll, you'll be able to find it all.

London is home to dozens of food markets both big and small with the most famous likely being Borough Market.

Now, the best food markets in the UK have been named and six are in the capital.

Data collected and analysed by Capitalontap discovered which food markets in the UK had the most Google search volume and the number of TikTok and Instagram posts.

The 6 best food markets in London have been named

The named London food markets and the ranking are:

  • Borough Market- Rank 1
  • Broadway Market- Rank 2
  • Seven Dials Market- Rank 3
  • Boxpark Shoreditch- Rank 5
  • Brixton Village Market- Rank 6
  • Maltby Street Market- Rank 9

Perhaps not surprisingly, the world-famous Borough Market is at the very top of the rankings known for being one the largest and most historic markets in London.

With a diverse range of cuisines from Thai to Argentina and more Borough Market welcomes millions of guests every year ready to enjoy some of the many food options.

Hackney's Broadway Market might be smaller than Borough, but it's well worth a visit with over 120 stalls.

Irish food stall Emerald Eats gets a special shout-out for its "authentic chicken fillet rolls and spice bags."

Also on the list was Seven Dials Market, a purpose-built space offering an indoor market across multiple levels. 


Giving customers a taste of "incredible, diverse, slap-you-round-the-face-it’s-so-good flavour" there are dozens of traders including Syrian, fried chicken and even a cheese bar, offering "40m of rotating rounds of expertly chosen cheese pairings".

The South East London Maltby Street Market may be a bit of a hidden gem for those not aware, but it's well worth a visit.

Described as a "place where passionate foodie traders begin their start-up street food dream" you can enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich, tacos, cakes, crepes, pastries and more.