Heavy rain and potential thunder is expected to hit London today, with a yellow weather warning also issued for strong winds.

A band of heavy showers and strong winds will move south east across the capital this morning (April 15).

It is expected to clear by the afternoon, the Met Office says, paving the way for bright spells and scattered showers.

However, there is a possibility of heavy showers at times with chances of thunder occurring before they gradually ease out.

The Met Office has also issued a yellow weather warning across most of England, including London, until 10pm this evening.

The strong winds may cause some disruptions including potential "delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport", with the agency adding that "some short term loss of power and other services is possible".

Newham Recorder: The warning is expected to be in place until 10pm this eveningThe warning is expected to be in place until 10pm this evening (Image: PA Wire)

Today's temperatures are forecasted to be cooler than normal, with the maximum temperature expected to reach 12°C.

As the rain eases during the evening, the Met Office predicts drier conditions will spread across the region from the northwest.

However, showers may continue to affect far southeastern parts of London throughout the night and it will remain breezy with the minimum temperature dropping to 6°C.

Here's an hour-by-hour breakdown of today's weather forecast:

  • 11am - Light rain, temperatures at 10°C
  • 12pm - Expected to be cloudy with a temperature of 10°C
  • 1pm - Remains cloudy but getting slightly warmer at 11°C
  • 2pm - Still cloudy and temperature stays constant at 11°C - but expect the strongest winds at this time
  • 3pm - A light shower is expected during the afternoon with temperatures staying at 11°C
  • 4pm - Light showers continue and the temperature starts to cool, falling to 10°C
  • 5pm - Showers persist with temperatures remaining at 10°C
  • 6pm - Sun makes a comeback with a temperature of 10°C
  • 7pm - Expect sunny intervals with temperatures dropping to 9°C
  • 8pm - The night begins to clear up with the temperature falling to 8°C
  • 9pm - It's a partly cloudy night with the thermometer reading 8°C
  • 10pm - Cloudy night with temperatures remaining at 8°C - and the weather warning is expected to lift

The Met Office forecast for London in full:


A band of heavy and blustery showers will move southeast across the region this morning, clearing to an afternoon of bright spells and scattered showers. Showers may be heavy at times with a chance of thunder before easing later. Cooler. Maximum temperature 12 °C.


Showers will ease during the evening with drier conditions gradually spreading across the region from the northwest. Showers may continue to affect far southeastern parts throughout. Remaining breezy. Minimum temperature 6 °C.