Living and working in London is not for everyone.

Some folk chose to live out of town and travel to work in London every day of the working week.

While commuting is by far not a new concept, it has become a more popular idea in the last 20 years or so.

Now, every day the early morning and early evening trains are packed with dozens of commuters all heading out of the capital back to the quaint and quiet homes within easy travel distance from London.

Key rail transport links into the capital, towns across Kent, Essex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, West Sussex, Surrey and more have all been categorised as 'commuter towns' in recent years.

Newham Recorder: Chatham was ranked second on the list.Chatham was ranked second on the list. (Image: Getty)

Making the big bucks in London, many happy commuters can afford large family homes away from the loud and cramped space of London, while also being able to cover the costs of yearly train tickets to the capital.

Whether locals like it or not, often once small market towns, have now been deemed commuter towns.

Now, The Telegraph has ranked all the commuters around London, looking at key elements from schools, green spaces, proximity to beaches and the food scene.

The top 10 commuter towns around London

  1. Slough, Berkshire
  2. Chatham, Kent
  3. Basildon, Essex
  4. Chelmsford, Essex
  5. St Albans, Hertfordshire
  6. Brentwood, Essex
  7. Gravesend, Kent
  8. Luton, Bedfordshire
  9. Chalkwell, Essex
  10. Shenfield, Essex

You can see the full list via The Telegraph.

Earning the top spot, was Slough, praised for its "fast access to London, high employment and excellent schools."

Just a 33-minute journey from central London, Slough is not only the birthplace of the Mars Bar but in recent times has become the world's "second largest data centre hub."

Following Slough was Chatham in Kent, most known for the historic site of Chatham Dockyard, with many commuters loving its proximity to fresh sea air.


Five Kent towns to visit by train from south east London

With a large cinema complex and plenty of restaurants, Chatham is also home to Buckmore Park Kart circuit for go-karting, and also the spot where Sir Lewis Hamilton practised as a child.

Also on the list was Brentford, with rail and easy road access, Brentford is a commuter dream.

Thorndon Park and Weald Park make for great spots for people with a young family, while the ski and snowboard centre is perfect for anyone who likes snowy spots.