It's official, London is no longer the most popular city in the UK.

While the capital has a lot to offer, from its dozens of landmarks, experiences and buzzing food and drink scenes, the nation has decided it is no longer worthy of the top spot.

A recent survey by YouGov on the most popular cities in the UK saw London rank third, being beaten by a city in Scotland and a spot in the north.

The survey found that York was officially the most popular with a score of 74% while the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh was second also gaming a score of 74%.

But, after being overtaken by the two northern cities, London has dropped down to third with a score of 63%.

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Just below London were neighbours Cambridge and Oxford with scores 62% and 61% while Liverpool and Manchester were lower but still within the top ten at 58% and 55%.

You can see the full survey via the YouGov website here.

While London has dropped down in popularity, less surprisingly, it is still one of the most famous cities, with a top score of 100%.


Home to the likes of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, Hyde Park and much more, London has always attracted tourists helping it secure its fame score.

But, although it's very popular, it's not always liked, as 17% of the public said that they disliked the capital of the UK.

However, Scotland's capital Edinburgh is only disliked by 3% and York by just 1% of YouGov users.