Sometimes there really is nothing better than enjoying a perfectly crispy and juicy piece of fried chicken.

Whether in a burger, a tender or a wing, fried chicken is the ultimate comfort meal that will always leave you feeling happy and full.

London offers endless options for a piece of fried chicken away from the global chains that can't be missed.

But with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know what fried chicken restaurants are a must-visit in London.

Lucky for you, we've taken on the hard task of hunting around for fried chicken restaurants in the region to pick the top seven you need to visit.

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The 7 must-try fried chicken restaurants in London


Butchies has several locations across London including in Shoreditch, Victoria and on Clapham High Street all with ratings above 4.5/5.

The restaurant describes itself as offering the "best damn Fried Buttermilk Chicken in the world, handmade, fresh in-store daily. The juiciest, crunchiest, most flavoursome fried buttermilk chicken every time."

Popular among locals and tourists alike, Butchies most praised and popular item seems to be they're tenders as one Tripadvisor user shares: "I had the small chicken tenders — what a delight! They were tender, coated in a tasty batter and lightly fried. Not at all greasy."

@ollie_eats This is possibly one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in London, and it cost £ were at Hot Bird #hounslow My boy @oohwee.eats featured these guys last week and when I saw their chicken, I had to drive down and check them out. They’ve binned the buttermilk and are serving up this unique, super crispy but super light, tasty fried chicken, very similar to the American Nashville chicken. It’s hit with a special glaze then dusted in the amazing spicy seasoning. It’s then added to a potato bun and then hit with lashings, and I mean lashings, of their signature mayo. Hot Bird knows you’re gonna get messy and provides you with some gloves, not something for the weekend, even though the packet looks like it. Once I donned the gloves, it was time to tuck in. By now, you can guess this burger is going to be tasty, so I want to talk about something else. Hot Bird has done what I believe is what the UK street food scene needs to do: strip everything back, create one signature menu item, and make it accessible to all. This chicken burger has identity; it’s memorable, affordable, and tastes incredible. There’s no need to double it up or add loads more toppings; it’s fine as it is. These guys have been trading since November; I think we’re going to see big things from them. [ INVITE ] #friedchicken #nashvillefriedchicken #spicyfood #streetfood #london #londonfood #londonfoodies #wheretoeat ♬ original sound - ollieeats

Hot Bird 

Fried chicken spot Hot Bird in Hounslow went viral on TikTok and Instagram for its crispy Halal meals including their Nashville Chicken Sandwich that costs just £5 and deservingly so.

Hot Bird has been described as 'perfect' by many guests with one fan sharing that the restaurant had "literally nailed it with the quality, flavour, value for money and even effort with branding/packaging."

While the Nashville Chicken Sandwich is praised for its "super soft potato bun, perfectly seasoned chicken breast which still remains… juicy."

Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker describes itself as offering "the finest fried chicken" with street food trucks and online delivery available in London.

Their impressive menu includes the classic chicken burger, chicken tenders with sriracha mayo, wings and loaded tots with chicken strips and cheese sauce.


Coqfighter has three locations across London including in Soho and Kings Cross and shares that they were "born out of frustration at the lack of high-quality fried chicken options in London."

Now becoming one of the most popular fried chicken spots in London, Coqfighter serves the likes of traditional fried chicken in boneless bites as well as buffalo wings, ranch burgers and even roast chicken.

One fan of Coqfighter said: "Wings are phenomenal, good portion sizes and reasonably priced."

Good Friend Chicken

Good Friend Chicken in the heart of Chinatown went viral on TikTok for its Taiwan-style fried chicken. 

Offering then sliced marinated chicken tossed in three different flours to help create a perfect crip, Good Friend is a must-visit, especially for their popcorn chicken.

On Tripadvisor, one fan said: "Best popcorn chicken I have ever had. Small unassuming takeaway place. You'd walk by and miss it if you weren't looking for it. The coating is very thin, and the chunks of chicken are moist."

Thunderbird Fired Chicken

With numerous locations all over London, Thunderbird Fired Chicken may not be under the radar but it's not to be missed.

The award-winning restaurant shares they have one goal, "Create the most crave-worthy chicken in town, and that’s the same goal we have today."

One recent visitor described the chicken from Thunderbird as "fabulous", sharing: "Food was amazing, so tender and moist. Full of flavour. Deffo is worth the price. Service was brilliant and not waiting forever for food."


Chick’n’Sours offers the best of both worlds with a menu filled with fried chicken options and cocktails. 

Most famed for its 'Whole Fry', an entire chicken battered and fried that has to be preordered at least 48 hours in advance, Chick’n’Sours puts a twist on chicken.

With food including Chicken Toast (think prawn toast), Mexinese Nachos, Disco Wings, Pickled Watermelon Salad and Easter specials like the Hot Cross Honey Bunny burger.