A BBC Radio 4 presenter and her husband have created colouring books for more than 30 London neighbourhoods featuring key local landmarks.

Emma Barnett her husband Jeremy Weil devised the idea during parental leave after the birth of their second child.

The couple's walks around Brixton and Herne Hill resulted in an interesting project – Colour Your Streets.

The project started as a simple attempt to explain local landmarks to their five-year-old.

They captured photos of the landmarks, turned them into outlines, and gave their son the sheets to fill with colour.

The project took off after their friends with children started asking for the sheets, with Colour in Brixton and Colour in Herne Hill launched last October.

Newham Recorder: They came up with the idea after the birth of their second childThey came up with the idea after the birth of their second child (Image: Emma Barnett)

There has been a constant flow of requests for more neighbourhoods since then.

Ms Barnett, who is leaving BBC Women's Hour to join the Today programme from May, said: "These books are love letters to people’s local areas.

"We have found, especially after lockdown, people have really dug into their neighbourhoods and young and old alike delight in being able to recognise places close to home.

"People are so happy to open a page, see somewhere they know, and start colouring."

The duo have now covered more than 30 neighbourhoods, with their latest additions being Hampstead and Stoke Newington.

North of the river, they also have Islington, Haringey, Camden, Walthamstow, and Bethnal Green.

Newham Recorder:

Mr Weil added: "We also know that being able to have a sense of place and geography is a key part of a child’s education in the UK.

"And being able to colour in the bench in front of the local cinema gives children a rare sense of ownership and control while still learning and enjoying this activity."

Their next ambition is to cover the whole of the UK.

The idea gained popularity after it was showcased on the Jeremy Vine TV show.

Requests from all over the country, from Scotland to Cornwall, have been flooding in.

The books are eco-friendly, printed in the UK on sustainable paper, and cost from £9.99.

They are available online at colouryourstreets.co.uk and at a growing number of local shops.