You’ve most likely heard of food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat, but there’s a new sheriff in town, and this one is for those who like a taste of luxury.

One Fine Dine offers fresh and chilled gourmet meals delivered right to your door step, which comes with easy-to-follow heating instructions.

Launched in 2020, One Fine Dine was created by Daniel Hulme, who aims to bring the “fun back” into high-quality meal preparation by taking out all the work and stress.

With over 13 years of fine dining experience behind him, Daniel also provides prestigious meals to the elite world of private aviation through sister company On Air Dining.

To celebrate the launch of their Christmas feast, my flatmate and I enjoyed their latest and greatest three-course meal, centred around a roast dinner.

Having never had a roast dinner delivered to my address before, I was excited to see how this would pan out.

The delivery arrived at 6pm; the packaging was not only secure but also aesthetically pleasing, setting the tone for the culinary journey that awaited me.

Each dish was meticulously arranged, and the attention to detail was evident in every element, from the presentation to the carefully selected garnishes.

For starters, my housemate and I chose the Miso Gressingham Duck Roulade, which came with pickled wild mushrooms, sweet and sour plums, and a sauternes gel – the taste was divine, and the duck was enriched with flavour.

Newham Recorder:

The star of the show, the roasted turkey paupiette, was a masterpiece of perfection.

Juicy and succulent, the bird was expertly seasoned, with a golden-brown skin that promised a delectable experience.

The accompanying gravy added a delightful flavour that complemented the savoury notes of the turkey.

The sides were a culinary adventure in themselves.

The duck fat potatoes provided a great contrast to the turkey, whilst the stuffing - a medley of herbs - was a revelation of textures and flavours, elevating the entire meal to a gourmet level.

Newham Recorder:

Roasted Brussels sprouts and glazed carrots showcased the chef's commitment to freshness and seasonal ingredients.

The dessert, a banoffee cheesecake, was a sweet masterpiece.

The cheesecake base was light and airy, layered with a caramel sauce and adorned with biscuit crumble.

It was the perfect conclusion to an indulgent meal.

One of the highlights of this gourmet experience was the seamless process of heating and plating the dishes.

The instructions provided were clear and straightforward, ensuring that each course retained its intended texture and taste.

This attention to detail made me feel like a chef in my own home, without the hassle of cooking from scratch.

The current Christmas feast comes with, canapes, a starter, main, dessert, and bottle of wine for two, and is priced at £197.50.

Due to the quality of ingredients from all over the world and expertise that went into each dish, One Fine Dine is a more high-end delivery service, and is more on the expensive side.

Currently, One Fine Dine is only able to deliver to London and the home counties, and the Christmas dinner will be running until January 6, 2024.

One Fine Dine transformed a regular evening into a culinary celebration, and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a stress-free, yet incredibly indulgent holiday dining experience.