Londoners can expect a wet and windy week as Storm Ciaran is expected to hit the region.

The Met Office had previously issued two yellow weather warnings for London for both rain and wind.

The warning for wind starts on Wednesday, November 1 at 9pm and ends at midnight on Thursday, November 2.

Whilst the Met Office's warning for rain starts at 6pm on Wednesday and until midnight on Thursday.

So you don't get caught out by Storm Ciaran, we have the full weather forecast for London and official advice.

London Weather: Storm Ciaran forecast

Find out the full weather forecast via the Met Office website

Wednesday, November 1

On Wednesday, the day will start off wet and dark with 90% chance of precipitation lasting from 6am until 11am.

At 11am, dark clouds will move before sunny cloudy skies in the early afternoon which will also see dry conditions.

Rain will start again from 10pm and will last until late into Thursday.

In terms of wind, you can expect strong gusts with highs of 31mph in the early morning and lows of 25mph.

Thursday, November 2

Thursday will see rain all day, with highs of 95% chance of precipitation and lows of just 60% in the evening.

Most of the day will be dark rain clouds but from 9am until 12pm, you can expect some sunny clouds.

The wind will be powerful, as the Met Office warns highs of 40mph in the evening and lows of 23mph.

Friday, November 3

Wind and rain will calm down on Friday, with the day expected to be dry all day and winds at highs of 29mph at midday.

It will still be cloudy but not dark and you can expect some sunny clouds in the morning from 9am until 12pm.

Saturday, November 4

The start of the weekend will see a mix of wet and dry conditions, the early morning will see heavy rain with highs of 80% chance of precipitation.

Wind will not be as strong as previous days, with highs of 14mph and lows of 9mph.

You can also expect dark clouds that shift to sunny rain clouds in the early afternoon.

Sunday, November 5 (Fireworks Night)

Fireworks Night is expected to be dry and clear skies in London, according to the Met Office.

The morning will see sunny clouds which will later move away to clear skies in the evening.

Throughout the day, there will be highs of 10% chance of precipitation and lows of below 5%.

Wind will be mixed, seeing highs of 25mph and lows of 15mph coming in from the west direction.

London Weather: Met Office Storm Ciaran advice

The Met Office has shared advice to Londoners ahead of Storm Ciaran, as they share you can expect some interruption to power supplies and other services.

On the roads, there will be spray and flooding which will make journey times longer.