Although it is October, it seems the hot weather isn't over just yet as weather forecasts suggest London is in for one final burst of heat for 2023.

It comes as the Met Office has implied that some parts of the region could reach above 25C.

If you have already put away your summer clothes and are donning your winter coats, you might want to get your summer outfits out for just one more weekend.

So you know exactly what weather to expect this weekend in London, we have the full breakdown for you and Met Office advice.

Full weather forecast as London to be hit by 'heatwave'

On Friday, October 6 you can expect warm conditions with the highest temperature predicted to be 22C.

Although it will be unseasonably warm, on Friday the skies will still be cloudy with some sun peaking out later in the day.

There will also be some wind, with highs of 23mph winds coming from the South West direction during midday.

Saturday, October 7 will be the hottest day of the weekend with highs of 23C at 4 pm.

However, throughout the day, the Met Office suggests that it will be warm with lows of just 14C first thing.

But humidity for London will be high with highs of 89% and lows of 60%, set to make it a sticky day in the region.

On Sunday, October 8, the weather will continue to be hot with rights of 23C in some areas and lows of 13C.

Wind gusts will be little with highs of just 13mph expected in the afternoon, along with little chance of rain.

Sharing further details on the forecast, a Met Office spokesperson added that London can expect: "Dry and bright with often large amounts of high cloud, but also sunny periods, these, especially through the afternoon.

"Breezy but feeling warm with temperatures above average. Maximum temperature 23 °C."

Adding: "Dry and fine, with sunny periods each day after overnight patchy fog and low cloud clears.

"Feeling unusually warm for the time of year, with temperatures well above average."

See the full forecast via the Met Office.