A singer who makes music "to help women realise their greatness" has been chosen to have her music showcased at the World Cup in Qatar.

Kima Otung, who is from Stratford, is representing UK music for the UK's Great Campaign. 

Her singles, I'm Cute, New New and Go Crazy, are being exhibited in an interactive installation at The Garden of Great in Doha, which was opened by David Beckham on November 21.

Kima's three songs will play out of speakers when visitors to the garden walk on a set of interactive stepping stones.

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The Welsh-Nigerian singer said she was proud to be representing Wales and the UK. She explained: "I think it means a lot because Wales is such a small country and there's such a feeling of pride of being an underdog as a nation. 

"There's literally a population of three million so to be able to get to that global stage is quite a feat and I feel like my life mirrors that. 

"I'm from Pontypridd, a super small town in the valleys of south Wales, and I didn't think it was at all possible for me to do music in any meaningful way. 

"But now to be in London and doing these incredible things with my music, I feel like I've had a similar journey to the Welsh team."

Newham Recorder: The Garden of Great in DohaThe Garden of Great in Doha (Image: GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign)

The artist is being featured in a film alongside Nadiya Hussein, the winner of The Great British Bakeoff, about British music and cuisine that is also being showed at The Garden of Great.

Kima continued: "I make music to help women realise their greatness. I've gone through my own journey of self-love and self-believe. 

"In this world you have to have a delusional amount of self love and belief because... you just hear [constant] messaging about how you aren't enough. So I want my music to be that best friend in your ear that's just hyping you up all the time. 

"I want to be one of the voices that's countercultural that people can come to like a friend and feel better after."

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Having grown up in Pontypridd, a small town in Wales, Kima was accepted at the age of 14 to be the youngest member of the Welsh National Youth Opera. 

She studied law at university, realised she did not enjoy it and decided to seriously focus on her music career two years ago.

Kima's music has been featured on Love Island, Strictly Come Dancing and in live sets for Radio 1.

Newham Recorder: DJ Jamz Supernova is also DJing at The Garden of Great in DohaDJ Jamz Supernova is also DJing at The Garden of Great in Doha (Image: GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign)

Speaking about the controversy surrounding the World Cup being hosted in Qatar, she said: "It's definitely on my mind. 

"From my perspective, I'm representing Wales and the UK so I feel proud of be representing Wales and the UK on the global stage just like the football players are representing their country and playing for their country. 

"At the same time, I'm fiercely for equal rights and for human rights and that will never change."

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Kima's involvement in The Garden of Great has been organised by the British Council and Wales Art International.

The Great Campaign is a governmental project which promotes British art and culture internationally.

The Garden of Great opened on November 21 and will be open until December 18.