If you’re preparing to “Spartan up” for the Olympic park 5km obstacle sprint as part of Reebok Spartan Race UK next weekend, you’ll be grateful for these hacks from the organisers to help you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the challenge.

Newham Recorder: The sprint 5km race will take place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on April 9The sprint 5km race will take place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on April 9 (Image: Spartan Race UK)


Get out of the gym in the position the kit you’ll use on race day to get familiar with the feel.

Spartans love to carry extra load, the heavier it is, the better it becomes. Start to think about carrying sandbags, logs, buckets and tyres. Make the load as heavy as you can handle and hit the trails with your new friend.

Whilst you’re out there, think about carrying out sets of overhead presses, burpees and throws.

Obstacle Technique

There are many different obstacles and varied ways to train. Barb wire is simple, get low, and get crawling. A hint for those with long hair put it in a French plait to stop it from catching on the wire. Oh, and have no fear.

Rope climbs are one of the most commonly failed Spartan obstacles. Everyone thinks it is upper body strength that gets you up there. In fact it is all about getting the best out of your legs. We recommend getting to a Crossfit box (try Stratford’s Crossfit 1971) and asking them to teach you how to climb a rope.

Monkey bars are a love/hate obstacle for most. Practice your pull ups, your overhead press, and your press ups. To get used to the feeling, try hanging from anything you can find that will safely take your weight.


Footwear is a huge part of any race and it always helps to make sure that whatever form of shoe you wear, it is suitable to the terrain. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Race predominately has tarmac surfaces so a standard, good quality running shoe should see you through the race without much trouble.


Dress for the conditions and your body. For some, this means racing with few layers because they know it’s likely their body will over-heat. For others, this means layering up to avoid the unpredictable UK weather.

Compression kit has seen a huge rise recently in use due to its increase in performance and improved recovery but it’s not for everyone. You need to get outdoors, work up a sweat and find out what is the right fit and feel for you.

Hydration and Nutrition

Always stay one step ahead with your hydration and nutrition needs. Spartan Race has aid stations on course to provide water and on-the-go support from Spartan’s nutrition partner Science in Sport, but we wouldn’t rely on making it to the station, you may need extra fuel at given points in the race.

So in the meantime enjoy the journey, climb over a few things, carry out some press ups and Spartan up.

Not yet registered for the race? Click here to sign up for the race on Saturday, April 9, or for more information. The cost of tickets varies.