If you’re busy putting the finishing touches to your training for next the Reebok Spartan Race at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park next Saturday, you may be starting to think about your priorities when it comes to nutrition.

Fear not, Science in Sport (SiS) and Spartan Race’s experts have shared their best advice and given four key areas to consider when fuelling your body.

First up is carbohydrate fuelling. Eating a carb-based meal with some lean protein, such as chicken or fish, about two hours before the start of the race will help top up liver glycogen stores, ensuring you’re fuelled while also leaving time for digestion.

Next, remember to hydrate before exercising. Try to drink 500ml to 1000ml of fluid between waking up and the race start.

If you’re going to be racing for more than 90 minutes then eating carbohydrates during your effort will provide a steady supply of energy to the muscles and prevents gastrointestinal distress.

If your session is shorter (60 minutes or less) you’ll have enough carbohydrate stores for this from your earlier meal.

Post-race recovery nutrition is extremely important to replace muscle glycogen used, stimulate muscle protein synthesis and replace lost electrolytes. Aim to consume quality carbohydrates and protein straight after the race.

Not yet registered for the race? Click here to sign up for the race on Saturday, April 9, or for more information. The cost of tickets varies.