Snow could fall in parts of the UK this week with temperatures set to plummet over the coming days, forecasters say.

The Met Office said the country will become colder, cloudier and more unsettled, with the risk of wintry weather in the middle of the week.

Temperatures during the day will halve from the highs of 20C (68F) reached last week, and fall below freezing overnight as a cold front pushes down from the north.

Northern England, northern Wales and central England are expected to be the worst affected places - but the wintry weather could even push into southern areas of England and Wales, according to Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill.

He explained: “Wednesday [March 30] will be the most extreme in terms of wintry weather, as a cold stream of air will start to push southwards bringing unpredictable wet and windy conditions, even snow or sleet.

“It will be markedly colder than what we’ve just seen, daytime temperatures falling by half, and some areas will even struggle to hit 8C (46.4F), which will signify the biggest change in conditions."

While "normal" to have colder weather in April, Alex said the imminent cold snap is a far cry from last week's sun.