2012 herb garden growing for Stratford’s Olympic Park

HERE’S a sight every Jamie Oliver wannabe would give their best pan for…herbs by the fistful.

The flavour source are among over 60,000 plants, grasses, and flowers from across the globe being grown in a Kent nursery ready to be planted along with 60,000 bulbs in the Olympic Park Garden at Stratford.

Celebrating centuries of British green-finger passion, the riverside London 2012 Garden will stretch for half a mile along the Waterworks riverbank between the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium on land that has been cleaned and cleared of railway sidings, contamination and the dreaded Japanese Knotweed.

Complete with picnic lawns, timber seating and 120,000 plants from 250 different species across the world the beauty spot will be arranged into four temperate regions: Europe, Americas, Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.

While thousands of plants are already growing at the Palmstead Nurseries in Ashford work is underway on the paths, drainage and seating for the London 2012 Garden before planting starts in the New Year. More than a quarter of the plants were not grown commercially in the UK and an extensive investigation was required to track down rare seeds, cuttings and bulbs.

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