1,800 new homes for Stratford’s proposed “cultural quarter”

UP to 1,800 homes and a cluster of creative and cultural businesses could spring up at an historic site in Stratford, under new proposals unveiled by planners.

The vision has been set out in a masterplan for the Sugar House Lane and Three Mills area, drawn up by the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation.

The body is hoping to turn the site, which lies just south of the Olympic Village, into a hub for businesses such as architects, designers, software firms and music and film studios.

Three Mills Island is already home to Three Mills Studios, where TV hits such Ashes to Ashes and The Bill have been filmed.

“Sugar House Lane and Three Mills will become a vibrant new destination in Newham, full of activity and colour, becoming a place to live, work and visit,” according to a design brief prepared by the development corporation.

“The area will retain a strong industrial employment focus, continuing to grow as a hub for cultural and creative activities.”

It adds: “The historic character of the area will be re-captured by weaving high quality new buildings into the historic fabric.”

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Many of the old industrial buildings in the area – parts of which are designated as a Conservation Area – will be pulled down, but several Victorian structures, including the Listed tidal mills, would be earmarked for preservation.

A central square would act as the heart of the community and play host to convenience stores, restaurants and cafes.

Three new bridges would be built over the River Lea, providing a link from Stratford High Street to Bromley-by-Bow and allowing a new bus route to run through the heart of the regenerated area.

Up to 1,800 new flats and houses are being proposed, with a new dentist and GP surgery, open space, community halls, play area and nursery to serve the new residents.

A new school would also be a possibility.

The development corporation is currently consulting on the proposals. Residents have until Friday(21) to comment on the plans.