Woodgrange and Godwin Schools ask Where’s Wally?

What a load of Wallies! Pupils at Woodgrange Infant School and Godwin Junior School in Forest Gate all dressed as the popular bespectacled character to celebrate World Book Day last week.

More than 700 youngsters donned the familiar red and white knitwear, the woollen hat, and the dark rimmed glasses worn by the star of the Where’s Wally series of picture books.

Woodgrange headteacher Sarah Soyler said the idea came after one of the teachers dressed up as Wally two years ago and sneaked into some photos.

The pictures were then used in books put together by the school, which proved popular.

This year, children were encouraged to use their �1 book token to buy Where’s Wally.

She said: “Our plans went out on the newsletter and the children were looking forward to it all week.

We made some costumes for any of them who didn’t come in dressed up.”

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The World Book Day fun did not stop there. Parents were invited to the school later in the afternoon to ‘kidnap’ their children to the assembly hall and read to them.

Woodgrange also holds joint reading projects with Godwin to improve reading skills and build relationships among the pupils.

The activities are led by deputy headteacher Maria Lewington.

Mrs Soyler added: “It definitely helps children to engage with reading. Anything that gets children excited about books is welcome.

“Next year we will be doing something different!”