West Ham Park named best in London

West Ham Park is the best in London, according to the judges of London in Bloom, who awarded it the prestigious title Park of the Year.

The judges went on a tour of the park in Upton Lane where they visited the ornamental gardens, new meadow and wildlife education garden.

The park’s emvironmental repsponsibility and community participation was also examined during the tour it scored high in every category.

It was awarded with a Gold award and title Park of the Year during the London in Bloom awards held at City Hall.

Geraldine King, park manager at West Ham Park, said: “My sincere apprecition goes to everyone who contributed to this Award.

“It is a credit to those involved and reflection of the dedication and effort shown throughout the year.”

West Ham Park is the largest park in Newham at 77 acres and it has been managed by the City of London since 1874.

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Alderman Bob Hall, chairman of the City of London’s Open Spaces, City Gardens and West Ham Park Committee said: “Our open spaces, and in particular, West Ham Park and City Gardens have achieved brilliant results, which is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our tema of park rangers and gardeners.

“I would like to congratulate them for impressing the London in Bloom panel judges - it’s a job well done.”