Terrific! Tattoo tribute from loving Steph

Devoted daughter and husband hobour father..and Silvertown

The daughter of a former worker in Newham’s docks has had herself adorned with a unique tribute to her late father…in what really must be a one-off!

Stephanie Raymond had for years been planning to take her father Roy Stewart on an emotional trip back to the area where he spent so much of his life.

But Roy was taken ill, never recovered and sadly passed away.

But Stephanie and husband Kevin eventally made the emotional journey after his funeral and were so affected with how Silvertown and the docks had changed, they wanted a lasting memorial.

And so the pair decided on tattoos!

Their tributes were drawn on their bodies just a matter of days ago.

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“Mine is on my collarbone. . I decided to have a tattoo in memory of dad and emblazoned across the top of the design is Silvertown. I think I must be the only person with a Silvertown tattoo

“My husband has had an r.i.p Roy tattoo,” said Stephanie, who lives in Basildon.

“ My dad lived in Albert Road Silvertown for many years. Sadly it is now demolished.

“!He worked in the Royal Albert Docks, in the long gone old days . Later on in life we moved (from Silvertown)to Essex.

“We had planned on taking dad back to Silvertown and Albert Docks for a poignant visit after all those years but sadly he passed away and it was too late.

“But my husband and I made an emotional journey after the funeral to Silvertown to revisit dad’s roots and then we came up with the idea of the tattoos.”