NewVIc sports coach helps students develop valuable life skills

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William Twigg runs an elite basketball programme at NewVIc - Credit: NewVIc

William Twigg is the head of performance and development for the NewVIc Knights Basketball Programme and a sports coach with The Sports Academy. Read on to find out his thoughts on coaching and working at NewVIc.  

Tell us about your job at NewVIc?  

My working life consists of running an elite basketball programme here at NewVIc. The aim is to deliver and create a performance mentality in our student athletes and instil a performance mindset as they develop before moving on to the next stage of their journey. 

Who is the most inspiring person you have met?  

I have been very fortunate to work in the USA for different organisations over three summers from 2017 until 2019. The most iconic place I’ve had the privilege of working was with the Cleveland Cavillers where I was able to meet professional NBA (The National Basketball Association) coaches and athletes like Don Showalter and Kendal Chones.  

Saying this though, I have deep respect for one of my PE teachers who helped me progress with my education further than any other teacher. He supported me with my dyslexia and helped my development as an athlete.   

What about your coaching career?  

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My coaching journey started at the age of 11 when I took up an opportunity to assist with coaching under 8 basketball sessions. This made me decide very early on what I wanted to do career wise. From there, I obtained my UKCC Level 2 coaching qualification at the age of 16. This put me on the pathway with Basketball England where I spent the next four years coaching the best players from under 13 to under 17 in the east region. Following this, I then had the opportunity to work with the English national under 17 teams, assisting on their horizons programme.

These incredible opportunities helped inspire my future career. I went onto Hertfordshire University to study a degree in Sports Studies. Whilst studying at university, I was a part of the Oakland Wolves College where I coached the girls’ and women's basketball. At Oakland, I won a national title and gained the tools to develop into a performance coach. I then networked out to the USA through Camp America where I connected with people in the basketball industry.

Now I lead the Elite Basketball programme here at NewVIc, where I wish to see it develop and grow over the coming years. My aim is that the NewVIc Knights will increase students’ interest in basketball not only at the college, but also throughout Newham.

coaching NewVIc basketball team

William coaching the NewVIc Knights basketball team - Credit: NewVIc

Having responsibility of leading the Elite Basketball Academy over the past year has been a great joy. The programme has enabled students to understand that basketball is not just a sport, but also an important tool in supporting their education and development as an athlete. NewVIc student athletes have created their own standards which they follow and are held accountable to. 

Tell us about student performance and development through sports?  

Being a coach is not only about teaching the game, but more importantly, it’s about making sure that student athletes understand the difference between right and wrong. Developing good attitudes and skills in sport will help them in life. I fully believe encouraging this mindset is key for the development of our athletes. As coaches, we teach our students to train and perform to the highest standard possible. Adopting this mentality beyond the basketball court equips our students with the ability to achieve in all aspects of their life.  

I am so proud of one of our students, Emanuel, who has been offered to play professional basketball at Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA, after being on the basketball programme here at NewVIc. We look forward to seeing how his education and basketball career progresses. 

NewVIc student playing basketball

Student Emanuel has been offered to play professional basketball after being on the basketball programme at NewVIc - Credit: NewVIc

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