London 2012: You did Newham proud during the Torch Relay

More photos of the great day

In all it lasted but three hours.

But for the masses that lined the route over the time the Olympic Torch took to be taken - in relay from one end of the borough to the other - it was over too soon.

Most had patiently waited for at least an hour for its arrival on one or other of the 26-odd legs. But their glimpse of the Torch was only fleeting in the end.

They cheered loudly and clapped enthusiastically when the flame that launches the ‘Greatest Sporting Show on Earth’ passed before them for those three hours.

As the event unfolded, some over enthusiastic visitors ran into the middle of the road to grab a photo, risking being knocked over in the crush.

But no one was. The amazing escort team merely slowed the runner or made a simple gesture for the crowd to allow them through.

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Those that turned out on the streets on Saturday morning did Newham proud.

And for the amateur snappers, many posted their efforts onto the Newham Recorder live feed.

Here are a few from our readers that captured the spirit of the day.