London 2012: Boris Johnson ‘a bit overcome’ during Games

London Mayor Boris Johnson has admitted there are times he gets ‘a bit overcome’ when thinking about the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The capital’s mayor, when asked about the build up to the Paralympics, said: “It’s incredibly exciting. It’s like a machine, a very powerful engine, that’s been idling a bit and you can see the revs starting to climb again.

“Walking through the Park the atmosphere is exactly like it was at the beginning of the Olympics Games.

“It’s very moving. There are times I get a bit overcome. The world’s changed so fast and for the better and I think this [the Paralympic Games] will break down barriers.”

The mayor said he was looking forward to watching sports including wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby during the Paralympics.

Before the opening ceremony Mr Johnson attended a a reception honouring community champions - people in the host boroughs who do good in their community.

The community champions scheme was run by the Mayor’s Office, the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and Archant London, the parent company of the Newham Recorder.

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Mr Johnson said: “I think the story about the London Games has been not just the athletes, but about the people who made the Games, the community champions - the whole of London has made the Games.”

The LLDC is the body in charge of the Olympic Park after the Games, when the site will be renamed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Its chairman Daniel Moylan said: “During the Games we have seen so many people volunteering, and we forget how many people are doing that every day.

“This is a wonderful area of London where people do work together. It is the spirit of the Games and the spirit of this part of London.”