It’s a no-no for Bojo as Olympic Mayor is left ticketless

As Londoners began to discover about which Olympic tickets they have won it has emerged Mayor Boris Johnson was among the unlucky ones.

The Mayor confirmed he had got nothing despite bidding for “quite a few” tickets.

He said: “I am personally disappointed not to have got any tickets but I shall try again.”

In total, 1.8 million people have made 20 million requests for tickets - but only 6.6 million tickets are on sale in Britain.

This has resulted in over-subscriptions for more than 50 per cent of the 650 sessions, which has triggered computerised ballots.

London 2012 is aiming to get �500 million from ticket sales in its task of raising �2 billion to stage the Games.

Most payments were taken out by last night but London 2012 are still working towards a June 10 deadline to collect all payments.

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Even then, buyers will only be told what they have won by June 24.

A second round of sales will take place in late June on a first-come first-served basis, with those who were unsuccessful in the public ballot being offered first chance to buy. They will then go on general sale.

Meanwhile, share your Olympic tickets stories. How many did you apply for? Have you figured out which tickets you’ve won yet? How much have you ended up spending? What do you think of the ticketing process? Add your comments below.