Inspector wants ‘vibrant and vital’ Upton Park’s Queen’s Market repaired not demolished

Queen’s Market is “vibrant and vital” to the area and should be refurbished not replaced, according to a report published this week.

Planning inspector Geoff Salter, who wrote the report examining Newham’s 15 year plan, praised the market on Green Street as “of strategic importance because of its key role in the local community and its wider specialist shopping draw.”

The report’s findings have delighted community group Friends of Queen’s Market who have feared and campaigned against possible closure and large housing scheme proposals for years.

Saif Osmani, Friends of Queens Market Co-ordinator, said: “We are pleased that the Inspector called our market vibrant and vital: we’re glad he flagged up refurbishment as a possible alternative to pulling it down.

“Now it’s up to shoppers and traders to make their voice heard and safeguard this vital community asset.”

In the ‘Newham Borough Council Core Strategy DPD Inspector’s Report’, Mr Salter continued: “The existing market building is an admittedly unattractive concrete structure with some flaws but is structurally quite sound and is far from irreparable”. He added: “Subject to full public consultation, a scheme for redevelopment or possibly refurbishment would be acceptable.”

The report said the market was “a vibrant and vital place, and trades very successfully on four days each week”, noting that there were as many people on a waiting list for pitches as there were stalls.