‘High Street 2012’ praised

THE revitalising impact of Conservation Areas has been highlighted in a new good practice guide by English Heritage with the East London ‘High Street’ 2012 given special preference.

The project, it is said, has pioneered the regeneration of seven kilometres of the A11/A118 through Newham and Tower Hamlets which will serve as the main road between central London and the Olympic site at Stratford during the Olympic Games.

Historic buildings and public spaces in the four East End conservation areas through which the road passes will be transformed.

The first stage has already been completed to rejuvenated six buildings in Whitechapel with further work underway on buildings in the Stepney Green area. Projects through Stratford will come later.

Project grants are available.

The publication — Valuing Places: Good Practice in Conservation Areas — says that many conservation areas in England are benefiting from the voluntary efforts of local people, working closely with local councils and supported by English Heritage.

Copies can be downloaded as a pdf from www.english-heritage.org.uk/conservationareas or contact Customer Services on 0870 333 1181 or email customers@english-heritage.org.uk