From frozen Antarctica to Stratford for art sake

HE has endured the frozen wastes of Antarctica and the scorching summer of Australia and all for his art.

Now artist Neville Gabie is working in a more hospitable place, but now the less exciting…Stratford.

The man with the busy passport has been appointed artist in residence by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and will deliver artist-led projects with the Olympic Park’s workforce and neighbourhood communities.

The National Lottery funded residency goes hand in hand with the appointment of Sam Wilkinson as curator of the artistic work.

Neville will start by researching the site and those working on it, shadowing a variety of jobs before developing a series of participatory events.

He said: “This project brings together things that I have long been passionate about – the diversity of community, engagement with people and place, and a shared experience of sport and play. This project represents a wonderful opportunity to develop my own creative practice and share that experience with wider audiences.”

Sam Wilkinson said: “Within a few days of starting our research, we were overwhelmed by the passion of the people building the Park, the opportunities for jobs, skills development and the myriad of roles and activities on site. We are excited that in some small way, Neville can share some of the stories of the site to those living in the immediate area and hopefully further afield.”

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Sarah Weir, arts and cultural head at the ODA said: “We were looking for an artist who would be able to respond to the physical transformation of this part of London, honouring the history of the past whilst also capturing the changing nature of the present and the aspirations for the future.”

Other artists are currently working on the park site and more projects are planned.

* Neville is pictured at the stadium ith his curator Samantha Wilkinson