Five generations to celebrate festive season

Christmas is, as has been said many times, is a time for family. And this year, the festive season will be just that bit extra special for one family.

Five generations will be getting together under one roof to celebrate Christmas.

Helen Patient, of Church Street, Stratford, heads up the gathering just before her 98th birthday in February.

Joining her will be her daughter Vicky Toghill; granddaughter Nicola Emerson; great grandson Vincent Samuels and her great great granddaughter Laila Samuels.

It is recent birth of baby Laila, on November 5, that has ushered in a new generation.

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Nicola Emerson said they were “over the moon” when they realised that Vincent’s girlfriend was expecting a baby, particularly at the prospect that her gran Helen would be alive to see the child.

Nicola said “My nan is really well although she is starting to get a bit forgetful.

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“She was brilliant, I mean we practically grew up at Nan’s. She lived in Dirlington Road, in Stratford and we lived in Abbey Road. She brought us up because mum went to work. She used to pick us up (from school) and we’d have dinner. Me and my brother Glen we were always at my Nan’s.”

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