Fire damage patched up at Queen’s Market in Upton Park

Traders and shoppers at an Upton Park market are celebrating this week as temporary repairs are carried out on their fire damaged storage compound.

Last week, the Friends of Queen’s Market feared the compound would be closed after a blaze on Green Street on February 2 which left cleaning machines seriously damaged.

The traders appealed to Newham Council to save the “essential” compound, which is used for parking vehicles and storing stock, but the council called it a “magnet for crime” because it is difficult to secure against unauthorised entry.

Props have been set up to support the roof while the council negotiates a deal with the Traders Association.

A council spokesman said: “We are working towards a permanent solution and a meeting is being convened with traders to discuss future arrangements.

“In the meantime, this is a temporary measure.”

Trader Nicola Hutcherson said: “Great news about the compound, the traders really need it.”