Boris pledges cash for more scouting and other youth groups in Newham

Scouting and other youth groups in Newham are expected to get a big lift from London Mayor Boris Johnson’s promise of a �1.3million programme to boost the job prospects of thousands of young Londoners.

It will offer young people a way in to membership of youth organisations where they can develop skills and learn discipline and responsibility.

Thirty-eight new uniformed groups will be opened over three years.

Two-thirds of them will be in boroughs with areas of high deprivation, such as Newham.

“Uniformed groups are a fantastic way for youngsters to get involved in a myriad of activities, which will help equip them with the skills they need to succeed in life”,” said Mr Johnson.

He added: “By instilling self-reliance, discipline and a sense of competition, young people can aspire to a better future.”