Holiday atmosphere as Stratford gears up for theTour de France

13:15 07 July 2014

Members of the public watch the Tour de France on a huge screen in Queen Elizabeth Park.
Photo: David Mirzoeff

Members of the public watch the Tour de France on a huge screen in Queen Elizabeth Park. Photo: David Mirzoeff


Excitement is mounting among crowds of racing fans as they wait for the third leg of the Tour de France to kick off.

People line the street on Westfield Avenue outside the Copperbox.
Photo: David MirzoeffPeople line the street on Westfield Avenue outside the Copperbox. Photo: David Mirzoeff

Crowds and colour have combined to create a carnival-like atmosphere in Stratford reminiscent of the London 2012 Olympics.

Hundreds of people have made their way to the spectator hub in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where they are already soaking up the Tour de France spirit. Parents, couples and young children are mingling with keen cyclists as they enjoy ice creams and watch footage of the race as it began in

Yorkshire during the weekend.

Many people have staked their places along the crowd barriers along Westfield Avenue, where Tour Makers are busy giving instructions to those who want to enjoy the race in front of the big screen.

Stratford High Street has also seen the crowds gathering this morning, particularly after the road closures took effect.

What is clear is that people have travelled not just from other parts of the country but also from across the world to watch history in the making.

An American couple from Denver, Colorado decided to get here early as they were not sure how busy it would be.

Michael and Beth Hidalgo are planning to watch the race with their three children.

All of them are now waiting patiently, swapping stories and taking selfies as they gather mementos for what a memorable day.

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